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Worship-Centered versus God-Centered

By November 10, 20103 Comments

David McGrew (associate professor, Baptist Bible College) has written a thought-provoking article on worship leaders being most concerned with being God-centered in our worship. David argues that being God-centered is more important than the sincerity of the worshiper. David writes, “It is an important but secondary question to inquire about the worshipper’s sincerity.”

Read David’s article and share your thoughts. Do you agree? If so, how can we develop this attitude in our corporate worship planning? What cautions, caveats, and clarifications would you add to the article?


  • Will says:


    I agree with the article but he makes it sound like we never look at how people are responding. I think as worship leaders we have to do some of that.

  • Will,

    I agree as leaders we need to ask the question are people really worshiping. If we are leading with no followers is worship really happening. Our evaluation, and I would guess this is what Dave is getting at, should not be in externals or some nebulous “feel” but rather in do people know more about God than when we started, do they have a bigger view of God’s glory, are their lives more like Christ?

  • Richard Meehan says:

    I believe a lot of churches these days are putting most or their hole being into worship in service rather than focusing on the studying and preaching of God’s word and possibly missing salvation, because of many worship tactics and activities.

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