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Has Christian Publishing Abandoned the Gospel?

A special report at asks, “Is Your VBS Taking a Vacation from the Gospel?

The article investigates evangelical publishers who now have licensing agreements with Catholic publishers. The four publishers—Gospel Light, Group, Standard, and Augsburg Fortress—sell their Vacation Bible School logos, art, and content to Catholic organizations who release VBS material that looks the same as the evangelical version, but teaches Catholic doctrine.

How do you think church leaders should evaluate their children’s curriculum?

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  • David says:

    That article struck me as well when I read it. I was a bit surprised that those well-known companies would sell their curriculum to a church with such a different view of the gospel of salvation. In our town many of the Catholic churches have summer VBS programs and it would send a really mixed message to our community if one year our church put on a VBS with the same Theme, Logos, etc, yet taught very different views of the gospel.

    We personally allow our teachers to choose curricuilum from RBP without content supervision over their selections.

    Outside of RBP either myself or our SS superintendent reviews the content of the material before purchasing.

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