A very helpful resource for church ministry in our day is church management software. A shift has taken place in this field. It used to be that a church would purchase software that would be loaded onto the church’s computers. Now the best church management software is being offered as an online service that is paid for on an annual basis.

Recently our church decided to update our management software. With the onslaught of church management systems being developed within the last several years, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our associate pastor (Cody Crigger) spent numerous hours of time researching various options. He narrowed it to three choices that he believes are some of the best on the market today. The following is a summary of these three options. Hopefully this will save you some time if you are looking to update your church management software. Each of these are web-based products requiring a yearly subscription typically billed quarterly. Also, each is based on average attendance for billing. 


Focuses highly on a process the company has developed for retaining visitors. Offers and pushes high accountability for follow-up with visitors. Designed its product with separate modules. Examples: PowerVisitor—focusing on retaining visitors; PowerMember—focusing on caring for members; PowerWeb—prefab website and event manager. ConnectionPower pretty much offers what comes to mind when you think of a church management system. Good product, but a little clunky. Learn more about Connection Power.

Church Community Builder

Much like ConnectionPower but has a cleaner look and focuses a little more on creating an environment for your people to connect with each other. Visit the Church Community Builder site and request a demo video.

The City

The City is church management software meets social networking. It focuses highly on connecting people via a Facebook-like page for each user while offering most of the administrative abilities of the two programs mentioned above. Check it out here.