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With the Lord

Rachel Lones, Featured in Baptist Bulletin

By March 21, 2013June 17th, 2014No Comments

CLOVERVILLE, Mich.—Rachel Lynn Lones, the 45-year-old daughter of retired pastor Clifford and Janet Lones, experienced new joy and freedom when she entered the presence of God on Jan. 12.

Rachel was born in Springfield, Ohio, on Sept. 10, 1967, and had a traumatic birth resulting in cerebral palsy. As a result, Rachel would never talk or walk. However, she was aware of everyone and everything around her. She was always very happy and smiled a lot, bringing much joy to family and friends. Rachel’s parents invested greatly in her life, giving daily care. They regularly expressed their appreciation for the assistance of their family and fellow church members.

When the controversial court case regarding whether to withdraw life support from Terry Schiavo drew national attention in St. Petersburg, Fla., in 2005, Rachel’s life and her family’s commitment to her care were featured in a Muskegon Chronicle article with the headline, “She has a quality life.” The Baptist Bulletin reprinted that article in its January 2006 issue.

Rachel is survived by her parents; a sister, Deborah Vanlonkhuyzen; four brothers, Steve, Mark, Tim, and Dan; and several nieces and nephews.

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