Inline1_INARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—With help from a few adult actors, the children of First Baptist Church performed Regular Baptist Press’s children’s Christmas play, The Worst Christmas Tree on Sunday, Dec. 15.

The musical was directed by Justin Rumphol and written by GARBC National Representative John Greening, along with his wife, Daria, and son, Scott. Each section of the Sunday School participated, age 2 through sixth grade.

The play was part of a monthlong series of special services at First Baptist. Each Sunday morning worship service featured congregational singing; music by the choir, soloists, and ensembles; and a sermon series by Pastor Bryan Augsburger, “Celebrate the King.” The church will also host a Christmas Eve service.

The Worst Christmas Tree is the story of a pastor who is trying to come up with a fresh sermon illustration for his Christmas Eve service. He unexpectedly finds one in his family’s annual trip to a local tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree.

Inline2_INEach year Mr. Carson, the proprietor of the tree farm, procrastinates about his spiritual needs by politely declining the Robertson family’s invitation to attend their church’s Christmas Eve service.

Mr. Carson becomes thoughtful when the Robertsons’ youngest son picks out a small, scrawny tree because he has compassion on it. When asked why he picked the worst tree, young Joe says, “I guess I just feel sorry for it. I know how it feels to be left out.” Joe asks Mr. Carson to come to the Christmas Eve service and sit by him.

Sitting home alone on Christmas Eve, Mr. Carson hears some Christmas carolers outside his home and remembers the Robertsons’ invitation. He changes his mind and comes to the service, where he receives Christ as his Savior in response to the pastor’s message.