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Shaping First Generation Churches

By December 14, 2007July 16th, 2014No Comments

Building lives by the Book has become the mission of Regular Baptist Press abroad as well as at home. My wife, Debbie, and I witnessed the GARBC publishing ministry’s doctrinal influence firsthand as we traveled to South America. Making our way 125 miles from Georgetown, we ferried a river to visit three village churches in the Berbice region of Guyana. These small villages of a few thousand people contain much cult and pagan influence.

An overwhelming sense of God’s grace overcame me as we walked into a church building and saw a familiar V.B.S. poster, “How to Become God’s Child,” published by RBP. We viewed visuals taped on walls and discovered the junior-age Courage Sunday School paper, indicating the church’s use of RBP Sunday School curriculum.

Through Gospel Literature Services our Association is shaping the theology of first generation churches in remote areas of the world. Cults are doing their best to dissuade, and pagan religions are making their appeals; but God has provided our Fellowship a unique opportunity to infuse Biblical truth into the hearts and minds of these eager students. They are seeing God revealed in the Scriptures through the lens of doctrinally sound material produced by RBP and distributed by GLS. As the world struggles to understand truth, these GARBC ministries are on the front lines, supplying Biblical resources worldwide to enable developing Baptist ministries to fulfill the Great Commission.

By Chris Hindal, GARBC International Ministries Director