LINCOLN, Neb.—When Michael Nolan visits a church, he could be wearing one of many hats. Michael is director of business administration and treasurer for the GARBC and is director of Baptist Builders Club. But it was in his role as a church financial consultant for the GARBC that he recently visited Temple Baptist Church.

Michael’s ministry began on Saturday, when he met with six of the church’s trustees and deacons, treasurer Ron Fischer, and Assistant Pastor Jeremy Penrod. During their four-plus hours together, they talked about the church’s constitution, bylaws, and finances. Michael says, “They were doing things well. There were no issues or problems—just questions about doing things with more structure, more order, and more God-honoring results.”

In preparation for the session, Michael studied the church’s documents so he could talk about specifics. The consultation was, he says, “prepared, ready, and specific for them.”

It also didn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

“A part of fellowship with the GARBC,” says Michael, “is that we can provide these consultations without charging a church normal consultation rates. So, really, all we ask is that a church reimburse expenses.” Perhaps it’s in part because Michael is the GARBC’s treasurer that he adds, “If they want to do something beyond that, then praise the Lord.”

Pastor Penrod says, “Several years ago, our church recognized the need to move from one financial officer to two. However, we never made that transition, mainly because we were unsure of how to proceed. Michael’s consultation with our leadership team was extremely helpful. He listened, answered questions, and then gave us a detailed plan on how we could proceed. Our leadership team highly values his wisdom and insight.”

Michael spoke Sunday morning during Sunday School, in what he calls “stewardship hour,” talking about Biblical stewardship—what it means and what it doesn’t mean—and answering questions. Pastor Penrod says, “Our church family greatly appreciated Michael’s ministry and has already asked us to consider having him back to lead a financial workshop. Our churches are blessed to have a man of Michael’s caliber serving our association!”