COLVILLE, Wash.—Illusions and the gospel combined to form a unique evangelism event at First Baptist Church that clearly pointed the way to the Savior.

David Corn, a youth speaker and youth evangelist, uses illusions to entertain and captivate young people while sharing the gospel in his Magic and Morality presentation. His engaging presentation addresses a variety of moral issues facing youth—bullying, respect, integrity, fighting, substance abuse, character, and more.

First Baptist was able to book assemblies with David Corn in eight public and private schools in the Colville area free of charge. He concluded each assembly by handing out tickets to a free performance at First Baptist Church.

On Thursday night, 650 people packed themselves into First Baptist’s 300-seat sanctuary; 30 cars had to be turned away because there was no more standing room in the sanctuary. Forty-four people trusted Christ as their Savior—with 10 additional people trusting Christ throughout the week—and several others became sure of their salvation.

First Baptist Church made sure that a great amount of prayer surrounded the event. Members were encouraged to join a 24-hour prayer team, who prayed for attendees’ salvation every hour of every day from Sunday at noon until the service concluded on Thursday night. First Baptist also recruited and trained members on how to lead someone to the Lord. When the invitation was given at the end of the service, each person making a decision was talked to individually. Each one then filled out a decision card in order for the church to follow up and disciple new believers. Over the upcoming weeks, follow-up teams from First Baptist Church will be giving a Bible and discipleship book to each person who trusted Christ as their Savior.

Pastor Dennis Wilkening says, “What an incredible outpouring of the Spirit of God on First Baptist Church. Evangelism still works!”