DES MOINES, IOWA—Volunteers from 16 Iowa Regular Baptist churches are working at an information booth at the Iowa State Fair this week. By the time the fair closes on Sunday night, workers will have had more than 12,000 conversations with people who stop, watch a brief video, look at a model of Noah’s Ark, and take gospel literature.

“There are at least 100,000 people at the fair every day,” said Roger Bishop, a member of Indianola Regular Baptist Church. “Thousands of people come by here…the aisles are packed. Other denominations come to the fair, but they don’t have anything like this.”

As fair guests stop into the air conditioned building, they see a professionally-designed convention booth and a large banner with dinosaur graphics that asks, “Where did they come from? Where did they go?” This introduction gives workers the opportunity to engage guests in conversation and offer them literature about the God of Creation.

Pastor Jeff Holob of Fellowship Baptist Church in Des Moines calls this “a seed-sowing ministry.” Roger Bishop agrees, saying, “The Creation story is the foundation that has been taken out of our society. Without that foundation, you don’t have much.”

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