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New Women’s Bible StudyReflectingHisGlory

Reflecting His Glorythe latest women’s Bible study from RBP author Dorothy Davis, is now available for order at for $8.99. Written as a 10-lesson study, this book will lead the reader to a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s glory, while glorifying Him the way He intends.

“One of the amazing truths that has impressed me in God’s Word is that the Lord created me so that I could fellowship with Him and glorify Him,” says Davis. “This study aims to communicate this truth: we CAN glorify God! As women use this study, I hope it will be a means the Lord will use to instill in women’s hearts a great determination to live in such a way that the Lord is glorified in every thought, attitude, word, and action.”

New Women’s Devotional Journal15minutes

15 Minutes with the Master, a new women’s devotional journal by longtime RBP author Juanita Purcell, is now available for order at for $19.99.

This women’s devotional journal provides readers with a yearlong, day-by-day reading of Scripture passages, brief commentary, and questions for meditation and reflection.

“It was written to help us not go through the motions of devotions,” says Purcell. “I have designed the book as a journaling devotional to help you get something as you read from your Bible. This is intended to stimulate your thinking and have some thoughts to ponder throughout the day.”