Altoona-Valentines-banquetALTOONA, Iowa—Altoona Regular Baptist Church invited Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, to speak at its annual Heart for Home Conference. The conference began with dinner at a local restaurant. Then Chris opened with a message titled “Here Comes the Bride” from Genesis 24.

Chris brought five messages on the home during the four-day conference, and on Sunday evening he presented an update on the GARBC International Ministries.

Heart and home cannot be separated, Chris told his audience. “Without godliness in our personal lives, apart from a godly walk, we can’t have godly homes. Apart from godly parents, there won’t be godly children. These two go hand-in-hand. If the heart’s not right, the home’s not right. We’ve got to make sure God is in the midst, because He’s the one Who makes the home work.”

Chris Hindal says the church family responded well to Pastor Chris Humburg’s encouragement to support the conference by their attendance. Many people indicated their commitment to the Lord to address a particular issue either in their relationship with their spouse or in the area of parenting.