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Blessings and Beanies

By January 3, 2014July 16th, 2014No Comments

OasisBaptist-hats_INSURPRISE, Ariz.—A favorite activity for members of The Oasis Baptist Church is Christmas caroling at local nursing homes. “Each year about 45 of our church people brave the cold to share a little Christmas with those that are shut in, or have no one to share the holidays with,” says Connie Brenner, whose husband, Jeff, is pastor of the church.

At the first nursing home the group went to this year, they were escorted to the upstairs landing over the dining area. There all of the children lined up at the railing and joined the rest of the carolers in singing to those eating down below.

Connie says, “As we were singing, we noticed one of the residents was sitting upstairs watching the children with a great big smile on her face. In just a short time, she came over to where our children were standing and singing. (We thought she wanted to sing with us!) However, as we sang, she started putting crocheted beanies on each of the children’s heads. She was so moved by the sweetness and sincerity of the children that she wanted to give something in return. So that night, one week before Christmas, that sweet lady gave out every hat that she had worked on so diligently all through the year.

“What a special way to give back to the awesome kids who were just doing what they loved by singing, talking to, and being hugged by all of those grandmas and grandpas!”

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