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Bigger and Better: Students Alive! Edition

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.—Go big or go home! Well, nobody was going home from Students Alive! this week. From a mega canvassing mission in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday, to a campus-wide scavenger hunt on Thursday, the students were definitely “going big.”

Seventy-five teens occupied BBC Defenders’ soccer field for Wednesday’s youth rally to play ginormous games—some that are usually found on a table, not a field.

Enormous Dutch Blitz required team work and lots of sprinting. So did Oversize Ultimate Frisbee, especially since the Frisbee was about three feet in diameter.

Academia wasn’t left out of the games, either. After all, the students were on a college campus.

Colossal Speed Scrabble tested their think-on-your-feet skills—literally.

An eight-foot beach ball lumbered over the net for Monstrous Volleyball. And last, but certainly not least, “birds” (painted dodge balls) were launched through the air in Life-size Angry Birds—not just for your iPhone anymore.

That was Wednesday. Could it get any better? It actually got bigger, spanning the entire campus. Baptist Bible College sponsored a huge scavenger hunt that started on Monday and culminated on Thursday night with a timed event, following a crazy clue trail and taking pictures of listed items. A giant snack bar, complete with pizza, tacos, cookies, and drinks awaited the winning team, not to mention several prize baskets from area businesses for individual winners throughout the week.

The students had a blast. Ashley Pearson, 18, from First Baptist Church, Creston, Iowa, competed in the Talents For Christ competition earlier that day. With her friends in agreement, Ashley puts her stamp of approval on the week’s action.

“It was fun for the few hours we were here,” Ashley says. “They were very creative making up all these youth activities so that it wasn’t lame.”

The students are already looking forward to what might be even bigger and better at next year’s conference in Dearborn, Mich.

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