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August Pulse Newsletter

By August 1, 2022No Comments


Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus!

The dog days of August have arrived! Scorching heat, even higher heat indexes, tropical humidity.

The 2022 GARBC Conference is done, many churches have held VBS and children’s outreach ministries, and MLB’s All-Star game has been played. We hold an ice-cold lemonade to our collective foreheads.

Yet God’s goodness and mercy are manifest daily. Each day I pray for our churches, working through our directory of churches. Here are some specific prayer requests and notes of praise I’ve received in return:

  • “23 people baptized at our annual river baptism: 16 adults and 7 children!! All kinds of ages in that group!”
  • “That God would grace us with wisdom, endurance, and joy as we press ahead as a gospel beacon in our community (Matt. 5:14–16).”
  • “Overall unity and sweet spirits in our church body.”
  • “VBS ministry last week went very well!”
  • “That the Lord would give conversions to faith in Christ! We have quite a few people individuals are praying for, and close to leading to Christ.”
  • “We just had a baptism service and added five new members.”

God is at work! In your life. In your church. In our churches. In our association.

Philip Graham Ryken wrote this in his book City on a Hill (emphasis added):

“Whether people realize it or not, what God has given in the church is exactly what a post-Christian culture needs. The charter members of the first church in Jerusalem were a remarkable group of men and women. By the power of God’s Spirit they turned the world upside down, starting the most remarkable institution in human history. Yet anyone who has ever been to a good church cannot help but notice that what they did was thoroughly ordinary. There was Bible reading and preaching. There was corporate worship, including prayer and the sacraments [sic]. There was fellowship and evangelism. They simply did the things that Christians since then have always done—which is exactly the point! Wherever Christians have joined together to establish teaching, worshiping, and caring communities, they have been able to meet the unique challenges they faced from the surrounding culture.”

Let’s be God’s church and recognize that God is at work for us, in us, and through us!

Serving by His Grace,
Dr. David E. Strope
Interim National Representative