DEARBORN, Mich.—The following students won first and second place at the Talents For Christ national competition on Thursday, June 27.


  • First Place: Anna Smith, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)
  • Second Place: Samantha Parsons, Fellowship Baptist Church (Wadsworth, Ohio)

Female Public Speaking

  • Second Place (Open): Celeste Scott, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Grace Kudlo, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Krista Peters, Hagerman Baptist Church (Waterloo, Iowa)

Female Voice

  • Second Place (Open): Divinna Rosales, Evangel Baptist Church (Taylor, Mich.)
  • Second Place (Scholarship) Tie: Emily Aiken, Bible Baptist Church (Bedford, Ohio)
  • Second Place (Scholarship) Tie: Joanna Bean, Faith Baptist Church (Camp Point, Ill.) 

Male Voice

  • First Place (Open): Jeremy Olson, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Jonathan Bean, Faith Baptist Church (Camp Point, Ill.)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Michael Kiesznowski, Evangel Baptist Church (Taylor, Mich.)

Oral Interpretation of Scripture

  • First Place (Open): Daniel Houseman, Nevada Baptist Church (Nevada, Iowa)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Charity Appell, Ankeny Baptist Church (Ankeny, Iowa)


  • First Place (Open): Hannah Wang, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Hannah Tee, Faith Baptist Church (Iowa City, Iowa)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Joy Smith, Saylorville Baptist Church (Des Moines, Iowa)


  • First Place (Open): Philip Williams, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)
  • Second Place (Open): Nathan Bell, Evangel Baptist Church (Taylor, Mich.)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Spencer Morrow, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Jordan Hines, Altoona Regular Baptist Church (Altoona, Iowa)


  • First Place: Rebekah Javaux, Calvary Baptist Church (Quincy, Ill.)
  • Second Place: Kina Adkins, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Smithville, Ohio)

Visualized Bible Teaching

  • First Place: Bethany Wilcox, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)
  • Second Place: Morgan Elizondo, Nevada Baptist Church (Nevada, Iowa)


  • First Place: Jennifer Farrell, Calvary Baptist Church (Forest City, Iowa)
  • Second Place: Shaina Todd, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)


  • First Place: Jayde Logemann, Grandview Park Baptist Church (Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Second Place: Molly Mungons, First Baptist Church (Arlington Heights, Ill.)

Group Competition Winners


  • First Place: Emmanuel Baptist Church (Naperville, Ill.)


  • First Place: Faith Baptist Church (Camp Point, Ill.)

Small Vocal Ensemble

  •  First Place: Camden Baptist Church (Wellington, Ohio)
  •  Second Place: First Baptist Church (Great Valley, N.Y.)

The Top Team Award was presented to Emmanuel Baptist Church, Naperville, Ill., a traveling trophy given to the church with five or more competing teens and highest average score.

For those competing in the scholarship categories, first-place winners receive $5,000 and second-place winners receive $2,500 toward their next educational step. Five college honor the scholarships:

Talents For Christ Winners (from left)

  • Row 8: Jonathan Bean, Jordan Hines, Spencer Morrow, Jeremy Olson
  • Row 7: Nathan Bell, Daniel Houseman
  • Row 6: Joanna Bean, Anna Smith, Mike Kiesznowski, Philip Williams
  • Row 5: Joy Smith, Hannah Tee, Samuel Scott
  • Row 4: Charity Appell, Morgan Elizondo, Samantha Parsons, Jennifer Farrell
  • Row 3: Emily Aiken, Grace Kudlo, Molly Mungons, Jayde Logemann
  • Row 2: Hannah Wisterom, Celeste Scott, Kina Adkins, Bethany Wilcox
  • Row 1: Rebekah Javaux, Divinna Rosales, Shaina Todd, Hannah Wang, Krista Peters