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“When the Pulpit Meets the Newsroom: The Ministry of Analyzing and Expounding Current Events”
Tuesday: September 29
11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT/9 a.m. MT/8 a.m. PT
DavidInstructor: David Gunn, Baptist Bulletin Managing Editor, Regular Baptist Press Editorial Director of Publications, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Cost: $10
Free for members of GARBC churches with discount code: GARBCfree
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“Pastors should be exegetes of both Scripture and culture.” This refrain is commonly heard in ministry circles today. But while divinity students spend years learning to exegete Scripture, very little training is ever provided in cultural analysis. Designed to stimulate interest in and competence for cultural exegesis, this webinar will discuss the why, when, and how of expounding current events and cultural trends in the context of pastoral ministry.
“Pastoral Care Challenges”—Learning Lab
Thursdays: September 24, October 1, and October 8
11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT/9 a.m. MT/8 a.m. PT
DaveJonesInstructor: David Jones, pastoral care pastor and mentor, South Charleston, West Virginia
Cost: $15
Free for members of GARBC churches with discount code: GARBCfree
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Providing compassionate and appropriate care to a church family today can be complicated and challenging for any pastor or church leader. Sessions will provide Biblical encouragement and practical help in ministering God’s love, grace, and truth to those who may be struggling with a variety of problems today. Also, participants will have the opportunity to interact online or through e-mail with the presenter. Topics will include compassionate care for hospital patients and the bereaved. A personalized Q & A session and set of notes will be included in this three-part learning lab.
“Strong Church: Building and Measuring Mature Disciples”Learning Lab
Thursdays: October 15, 22, and 29
11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT/9 a.m. MT/8 a.m. PT
JohnInstructor: John Greening, former GARBC national representative, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Cost: $15
Free for members of GARBC churches with discount code: GARBCfree
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How does a church become strong? The singular answer is that intentional instruction of the Word of God develops believers toward spiritual maturity. These three-part sessions will guide participants in developing an instructional taxonomy for teaching the whole Bible, designing tools to assess the progress of disciples toward spiritual maturity, and creating instructional plans to improve the learning environment within the church. The book Strong Church will be required reading.
“10 Signs of a Quality Teacher”— Webinar
Wednesday: August 26
7 p.m. ET or 7 p.m. CT
Alan-WilsonInstructor: Alan Wilson, Regular Baptist Press Regional Manager and Workshop Presenter, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Cost: Free
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“Am I getting through to these kids? Between the lessons, songs, games, and crafts (throw in a few unexpected bathroom breaks while we’re at it), are they really understanding what I’m conveying to them?” These questions have likely crossed the mind of every person involved in children’s ministry—regardless of how long they’ve been at it! This 45-minute session will look at 10 signs of a quality teacher and how to bring an attitude of quality into all phases of teaching. It is a great opportunity for pastors, children’s ministry leaders, and teachers of all experience levels to take advantage of a time during the week when many congregations are already gathered together. Churches are invited to register and include the live webinar as part of their Wednesday night meeting.
Invisible Sound: Keep the Focus on Worshiping God and Off of Your Sound System”—Learning Lab
Three Thursdays: March 5, 12, 19
3 p.m. ET/ 2 p.m. CT/ 1 p.m. MT/ 12 p.m. PT
Dan ChinInstructor: Daniel Chin, Information Technology, Regular Baptist Ministries, Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)
Cost: $15
Free for members of GARBC churches
Learn sound system fundamentals for your church, including the system’s function and the basics of connecting and operating it. Topics will include optimizing your system to keep out unwanted noise and maximizing the quality of sound you do want to be heard. Additional emphasis will be placed on wireless microphones and the implications of the upcoming FCC decisions.
“Church Revitalization”—Consultation
Session times to be coordinated with individual churches.Nolan_MichaelJohn

John Greening, Michael Nolan,
GARBC National Regular Baptist
Representative Ministries Treasurer
(See bio.) (See bio.)
Cost: Free for pastors and deacons of GARBC churches
For registration/info,
e-mail John Greening.
Are you feeling like your church would benefit by fresh, new life? Every church goes through periods of vibrancy and sluggishness. John Greening and Michael Nolan are scheduling a limited number of personal consultations for 2015. Online consultations make it possible for a team of your people to interface with John and Michael. By involving a team, your church can better grasp a vision for revitalization and understand the unique possibilities God has placed within the congregation for distinctive and effective ministry. As a fellowshipping Regular Baptist church, this consulting service is available to you.
“Churches Planting Churches: How Do We Start?” —  Webinar
Tuesday, March 10
11 a.m. ET/ 10 a.m. CT/ 9 MT/ 8 a.m. PT
Ken DavisInstructor: Ken Davis,
Director of church planting with Project Jerusalem, Clarks Summit, Pa. (See bio.)
Cost: Free
Pastors and church leaders will learn how to follow the Biblical imperative for parenting daughter churches. Gain information on how to prepare your church to become a parenting church or to partner with others in church planting. Topics include expanding corporate vision for church multiplication, identifying and overcoming fears, gaining support of key leaders, and cultivating congregational commitment to parenting baby churches.
“DIY Strategic Planning”—Learning Lab
Three Thursdays: March 5, 12, 19
11:00 a.m. ET/ 10:00 a.m. CT/ 9:00 a.m. MT/ 8:00 PT
JohnInstructor: John Greening, former GARBC National Representative,
Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)
Cost: $15
Free for members of GARBC churches
You can identify the growth potential God has given your church by following deliberate steps in gathering information from your church and community. Do It Yourself planning can be effective and beneficial!
  • “Staying Fresh in Life and Ministry” JohnDariaGreening2013-thumb

Facilitators: John & Daria Greening,

GARBC NationalRepresentative and wife, Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)
Same old, same old at home and church can sap the vitality out of our days. Talk and pray together with peers in service who are discovering the lessons of renewal and revitalization.
  • “Launching an Intentional Ladies’ Ministry with the Smaller Church in Mind”Linda Pausley
    2014 Learning Lab

Instructor: Linda Pausley, pastor’s wife, Bethany Baptist Church, Avon Park, Fla. (See bio.)

This interactive series is for women to share ideas and challenges of ladies’ ministry in the smaller church. From getting started to developing leadership, this learning lab will offer participants practical helps and encouragement.

  • “Facing a Tight Church Budget” Nolan_Michael

Instructor: Michael Nolan, GARBC treasurer (See bio.)

If your church is in a budget crunch, this session is for you. Take advantage of helpful insight and personalized assistance as you work on your church budget for the coming fiscal year.
  •  “Emergency Assistance Training” Nolan_Michael
    Learning Lab

Instructor: Michael Nolan, GARBC treasurer (See bio.)

It is not if the next disaster will occur, but when it will happen. Baptist Builders Club wants to be Ready Now for the next disaster response, following training requirements from national disaster agencies. Baptist Builders Club seeks to deploy Ready Now teams that are prepared to jump right in when they arrive at a disaster site. This learning lab will introduce participants to the steps necessary to complete basic training.
  • “DYI Strategic Planning”John
    Learning Lab

Instructor: John Greening, GARBC Nat. Rep., Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)

You can identify the growth potential God has given your church by following deliberate steps in gathering information from your church and community. Do It Yourself planning can be effective and beneficial!
  • “The Question Churches Rarely Ask”Dale Whiting
Instructor: Dale R. Whiting, Chartered Life Underwriter & Chartered Financial Consultant, Dale R. Whiting & Assoc., Des Moines, Iowa (See bio.)
How long should and can your church pay a disabled pastor? With careful planning, your church can avoid an awkward and costly dilemma. Designed to interface with deacons and church leadership.

  • “Church Planting”Scott Greening
Facilitator: Scott Greening, pastor of Great Commission Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)

This cohort seeks to encourage Regular Baptist church planters by praying for one another, networking, and providing counsel for the issues related to church planting. Church planters within the association and unaffiliated church planters of like faith are encouraged to participate.

  • Ken Pyne headshot“Worship That Connects with God”
    Learning Lab

Instructor: Ken Pyne, associate professor and director of internships, Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Clarks Summit, Pa. (See bio.)

It is of utmost importance that our corporate worship services provide an environment where our people can “connect” with God. How do we accomplish that? How do we make sure we are not creating an atmosphere that discourages engaging with God? If we believe that God is actively present in our worship services, how can we help our people to understand that and to embrace His presence? Join our discussion of theological and practical ways to have corporate worship that “connects” with God.

  • “Turning Guests into Family”
    Learning Lab

Instructor:Mark Neal, former pastor of Oasis Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nev. (See bio.)

One of the most stressful things for churches is retaining guests. This course will provide insight for keeping the people God sends your way.

  • warren“Preaching Big Ideas”
    Learning Lab

Instructor: Dave Warren, Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches Representative, Cedarville, Ohio (See bio.)This course will focus on isolating the main thought of a passage of Scripture, whether that passage is large or small. Texts will be chosen as samples on which to work and discuss together the challenges that such “big picture” thinking brings. Our goal will be to see the “forest for the trees” in all of the sample passages, and to realize that the forest is made up of the trees, yet no one tree can become a substitute for the forest. The forest is actually more important than any one tree. We will discuss our own limitedness in putting passages together and seeing the whole and not just the parts.

  • “Reaching Your Community with the Gospel”
    Learning LabMike Augsburger
    Tuesdays, Sept. 24–Oct. 15, 3:00 CST

Instructor: Mike Augsburger, lead pastor of Willow Creek Baptist Church, West Des Moines, Iowa (See bio.)

Are you frustrated with your church’s evangelistic efforts? Often times we jump from method to method and idea to idea hoping “this one” will be the winner. This learning lab will not simply give more ideas and methods, but will help to think through an underlying philosophy of reaching lost people. Once the philosophy is formed, methods and ideas become secondary. We will explore what evangelism looks like at all levels of your church, starting from your pulpit. Join us as we discuss principles that will help make outreach part of the DNA of your ministry.

  • “Preaching Ecclesiastes”
    Learning Lab
    Tuesdays, Sept. 3–24, 1:00 CST

Instructor: Rich Van Heukelum, lead pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church, Shamong, N.J. (See bio.)

Ecclesiastes, “the words of the preacher” (1:1), is often see as a hard message to preach. But why? Is it too pessimistic? Is it as some say “the Delight of the Skeptics and the Despair of the Saints”? Is it the ramblings of man without God? Or is Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick, correct is saying “Ecclesiastes is the truest of all books. It is the fine-hammered steel of woe”? This Learning Lab is designed to provide the key to unlocking the meaning and method of preaching this marvelous work of the wisest man who ever lived.

  • “Leading Effective Small GroupsLearning Lab
    Thursdays, Aug. 1–22, 3:00 CST

Instructor: Scott Greening, pastor of Great Commission Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)

Structure your small group Bible study to transform lives. Learn how to encourage spiritual growth in participants’ lives by utilizing a five- movement approach that is adaptable to any curriculum. This learning lab will model and explain the biblical foundation and educational theory for making a greater impact in your small group study. Gain skills for yourself and encourage other small group facilitators in your church to participate.

  • John Greening“Spiritual Formation of the Believer”
    Learning Lab

Instructor: John Greening, former national representative of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, Schaumburg, Ill. (See bio.)

The great goal of church ministry is to disciple people toward spiritual maturity. How is the process of spiritual growth fostered in the church? Is it possible to measure progress toward the goal of spiritual maturity? It is possible to plan for and assess spiritual growth! If you have a heart for growing people toward spiritual maturity jump in on this Learning Lab.

5 ways the GARBC delivers an exceptional online learning experience to you! Regular Baptist Web Community includes five learning venues. Choose one that is best for you.

    • Learning Labs: Shared instruction on a designated ministry-related topic using direct teaching, discussion, problem solving, experimentation, and review. Training occurs in four sessions per topic.
    • Webinars: Specialized instruction on a designated ministry-related topic. Direct instruction takes place in a single session.
    • Cohorts: A discussion group addressing a variety of current topics and challenges in life and ministry. The goal is to learn from others’ experiences and provide encouragement and support.
    • Seminars: Instruction to help you and your church move people toward spiritual maturity. BuildUP Seminars are available for church leadership, church education leaders and volunteers, youth ministers, Sunday School teachers, and parents.
    • Consultations: Online ministry consultations are available to the leadership teams of GARBC churches. To meet your church’s needs, a variety of consultation options are available. GARBC administration team members are ready to help and encourage your leadership team.