I encourage you to seriously consider the new Strong Curriculum from Regular Baptist Press. The curriculum’s Strong Kids materials would be an invaluable resource for your children’s ministry. These are materials that you can be confident in, as they’re Biblically solid, Biblically accurate, and relevant for children.

Here are some of the benefits of using Strong Kids:

  • You can trust Strong Kids because it’s doctrinally sound. RBP has a tremendous track record of doctrinal soundness and faithful interpretation of the Bible.
  • You can be assured that Strong Kids is produced by faithful believers who love God, Scripture, and local churches and who wholeheartedly embrace RBP’s doctrinal statement.
  • You will find that Strong Kids is easy to follow and teach, with each week building on the previous week. As Alex Bauman, director of educational resources for RBP, says, “We did the heavy lifting to build the plan so you can use it to focus on communicating God’s Word and strengthening the kids under your care.”
  • Children will learn of their need for the Savior, since Strong Kids is crafted to aim for children’s hearts.
  • You can measure the spiritual growth of your students with tools that provide a connection between church and home.

The goal of everything RBP publishes is to introduce people to Christ and to move followers of Christ along on the path toward spiritual maturity, using systematic, pedagogically sound, and Biblically faithful methods. Strong Curriculum stays true to that purpose.

Strong Kids, for ages 2 and 3 through grades 5 and 6, will be available beginning in Fall 2018. Strong Students, for grades 7 through 12, will be available beginning in Fall 2020. And Strong Adults will be available beginning in Fall 2019.

With Strong Curriculum, you will get curriculum you can trust and spiritual results that last forever.

Mike Hess is national representative of the GARBC.