POTTSTOWN, Pa.—Cassidy Dunn, a member of Branch Life Church, a church plant coming into the GARBC this summer, organized an event to share her faith and introduce other teens to Jesus Christ.

What started out as a “small thought” to share her faith burgeoned into an event with 35 teens attending and additional adult and student workers helping. “I am a senior in high school and didn’t want to graduate, missing an opportunity to tell about the love of Jesus to everyone I knew,” says Cassidy. She and friend Lydia Newlin, as well as helpers, actors, prayer partners, photographers, and greeters from different churches and schools in the area pulled it all together. But, says Cassidy, “without prayer, the event would not have been the same.”

When the original venue fell through, the event moved to a local park. To break the ice, students from the audience played two games, with winners receiving gift cards and candy as prizes, and eight teens performed a funny skit.

Next came the serious stuff. To get the audience thinking about the possibility of God, Lydia spoke on whether He exists. This was followed by the “Everything Drama,” which shows “how temptations and Satan try to overcome God.” Then five teens addressed the following topics: Jesus is God; Jesus rose from the dead; the Bible is God’s Word; if there is a God, why do good people suffer; and science and God don’t need to be separate. Cassidy then shared her testimony and the gospel.

At the end, a band played while the audience filled out connection cards to tell what they thought of the event, and they were invited to privately ask questions of adults if they wanted. Raffle prizes were given out, with each gift card including a Bible verse as a reminder of God’s love.

Seventeen students who did not know Christ heard the gospel message. Cassidy is grateful for the fruit she has already seen, reporting that three students recommitted their lives to Christ; eight were not sure, but are interested in learning more; and two who had asked questions attended church the next Sunday.

Cassidy knows that more fruit can result. “Of course our goal was to bring people to Christ,” she says, “but even Jesus didn’t always bring people to Him right away. It is something that takes time, and with this event we were able to start important conversations about our faith and God. I am very glad God gave me this opportunity and boldness to share my faith and the love of Jesus. The truth is that we will never fully know how big the impact was for this event. My prayer is that the impact causes a ripple effect through all that were able to attend.”

Cassidy’s pastor, Josh Park, says, “Pray for Cassidy and her friends as they continue to have more gospel conversations with these teens.”