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Amazin’ gRace Teaches Teens the Value of Growing in Grace

Teens and their leaders enjoy a well-stocked taco bar at the Amazin’ gRace event hosted by Grace Baptist, Hurlock, Md.

HURLOCK, Md.—A unique event called Amazin’ gRace offered teens an afternoon of fun while teaching them spiritual truths.

Teens from three churches in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia met at Grace Baptist Church in Hurlock. There they played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hula-Hoop and then gathered into teams for a photo scavenger hunt. Volunteers drove the teams around town in a race to get their pictures taken in a variety of goofy situations.

Regrouping at the church, the teens sang a few modern versions of “Amazing Grace”; heard a message, based on 2 Peter 3, about the dangers of worldly temptations and the value of growing in grace; and sang the original version of “Amazing Grace.”

In addition to Grace Baptist Church, the churches taking part in the event were Evangel Baptist Church, Hagerstown, Maryland; First Baptist Church, Seaford, Delaware; and Faith Baptist Church, Vienna, Virginia. Several people from Grace Baptist Church worked together to make the event a success: Pastor Dave Talley, missionary Patrick Reed, and a team of faithful volunteer youth workers.