Listed below are the official ministries of Regular Baptist Churches.

Sharing the Word of God with our nation’s armed forces, hospital patients, law enforcement agencies, prison inmates, and professional athletes.

Manning Brown, Director (BiographyItinerary)
1-888-588-1600 ext. 890

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  • Gospel Literature Services

Producing and printing new, innovative gospel literature for global distribution.

  • International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries

Facilitating global networking for Baptist ministries.

Chris Hindal, International Director (BiographyItinerary)
1-888-588-1600 ext. 817

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Helping to “rechurch” America through grants and loans to fellowshipping churches.

Clare Jewell, Director (BiographyItinerary)
1-888-588-1600 ext. 803

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Regular Baptist Press provides Regular Baptist Churches with church educational resources. These include Sunday School, VBS, Bible studies, books and training resources. As our publishing arm, RBP supports the Regular Baptist Ministries with 100% of it’s proceeds.
RBP Customer Service: 1-800-727-4440.

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