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e-INFOMarch 2015

March 2015 E-Info: How Sweet It Is!

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e-info_thumbnailThrough years of experience I have learned that the accomplishment of big goals in ministry often are attained from the hard work of deliberate planning, laborious attention to detail, plenty of communication, and tons of patience. The ecstasy of the conclusion comes only after the sweat of the process. Recently I was reminded of this when experiencing two and a half years of negotiating terms, encountering setbacks, and caring for tedious details in the selling of the Regular Baptist Ministries Resource Center. When we finally closed on our existing property and on the new facility the next day, our staff celebrated with a praise gathering to the Lord. Don’t lose heart in the process of ministry. The Lord can help you grind it out. It will make the final outcome a sweeter celebration.

John Greening
GARBC National Representative

What’s happening? Read March 2015 E-Info !

Being God’s Giver

  • Praise and Prayer: GARBC Purchases New Facility
  • Rejoice in Salvation Decisions!

Association Updates

  • Talents For Christ: Register by March 11
  • GARBC Resource Center Readies for Relocation
  • Your Council of Eighteen Nomination Matters!
  • Updating Info for Good Communication
  • Apply Now for GARBC Fellowship
  • GARBC Team Itineraries
  • Regular Baptists around the Country

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Regular Baptist Web Community: Sound, Church Planting, Strategy, and Consultation
  • Looking Forward to an Excellent GARBC Conference!
  • Baptist Bulletin Has a Plus!
  • Men Modeling the Master Conference
  • Church Ministries Conference
  • IL-MO Spring Conference: “Theological Viruses”
  • Joy of Teaching Seminar
  • Northeast Fellowship “Big Bold Questions” Youth Seminars
  • 16:5 Conference


  • Baptist Bulletin Readership Survey
  • Regular Baptist Press: Job Opportunities

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