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Spring 2008
April 12: Ashburn Baptist Church, Orland Park, Illinois

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Spring 2008
April 12: Cypress Pointe Baptist Church, Cypress, Texas

Expelled! a review by John Greening

An unusual documentary film is scheduled for nationwide release on April 18. If the film gains the anticipated audience traction, it has the potential to stir considerable debate. Expelled, narrated by the brilliant and eccentric Ben Stein, presents the premise that the science community in large part silences any discussion of Intelligent Design as an explanation for the existence of life.

Daria and I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of this film held for religious leaders. Ben Stein and the production team have created an entertaining and profoundly thought-provoking treatment of this subject.

Surely this film will be viewed as controversial. Some people in the public arena will suggest it is inflammatory. Using the metaphor of the Berlin Wall, Stein conjectures that scientists who acknowledge the possibility of Intelligent Design are refused freedom of expression. Pressure from the evolutionary biased establishment virtually eliminates Intelligent Design as a consideration in many educational and scientific settings.

Through a series of sound bytes Ben Stein builds his argument by interviewing Intelligent Design Scientists and Evolutionists. His stated hope in producing this film is that freedom of expression will be granted to Intelligent Design proponents in academia and in the public expression of thought.

We were told at the screening that some churches are arranging private showings, enabling the film to be used as a tool to reach non-believers. It is important to understand that the film does not present the gospel, nor does it argue for a creationist view as we hold. However, the film does open a door to discussion, serving as a springboard for worldview discussions and apologetic discourse. This film can serve as an opening to confront non-believers with a creation based introduction to the Bible and with the gospel of salvation in Christ. It is my understanding that in the future the film will be released in DVD format, which will create more options for use. If a church chooses to follow up with people who have viewed Expelled, I recommend that Bible study leaders use the new creation-based RBP Bible evangelistic study, Unsolved Mysteries, which would make an ideal transition from the film into the claims of the Word. I cannot escape the providential timing of RBP’s Vacation Bible School, Dino Detectives, which will come this summer on the heels of this film. I am praying that our culture will be ripe to hear the truth of God’s Word and that many individuals will find salvation in Christ.