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e-INFOFebruary 2010Improving Your Ministry Skills

Improving Your Ministry Skills

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Mentoring with John and JimFind What’s Missing

Growing in ministry skills is a desired learning outcome of pastoral mentoring. John Greening and Jim Vogel invite a group of seven men to join them in a mentoring relationship. The group will meet online every other week for an hour, beginning in March, for a total of 8–10 sessions. The men must be in vocational ministry currently or preparing for vocational ministry on the college or seminary level. Through collaborative interaction on ministry practices, the group will focus on the following learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the dynamics of pastoral ministry; e.g., leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication, circumstantial appropriateness, etc.
  • Aspire to a godly “best practices” approach to ministry.
  • Develop the competencies of Christlike pastoring.
  • Enhance ministry effectiveness through intentional involvement with other pastors, churches, and ministries within the GARBC.

If you are interested in participating in this mentoring relationship, please submit an email of request to John Greening and Jim Vogel stating your desire to be included in this group and your reasons for wanting to be involved. A maximum of seven men will be invited to join this group.

GARBC Preaching Webinar

Authorial Intent: Is it the key to our preaching? This webinar by Rich Van Heukelum, pastor of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Waterloo, Iowa, will take place Feb. 19, 10:00 a.m. CT.  Judge Scalia of the Supreme Court stated, “The worst thing about the Living Constitution is that it will destroy the constitution.” In the Supreme Court a division exists between those who view the constitution as a living document with ever-changing interpretation and implementation, and those who hold to authorial intent and see their task is to “begin with the text and to give that text the meaning it bore when adopted” (Judge Scalia).

Subtly that same distinction can  infiltrate our preaching, such as our interpretation and implementation of Scripture. How do we avoid inserting our own meaning, and instead seek and express God’s intended meaning from a passage? This webinar will give you tools to preach God’s Word more effectively. Register now for the GARBC Preaching Webinar.

Multiethnic Ministry Helps

You don’t have to cross the ocean to reach the world, but sharing the gospel with people of different ethnicities will require looking beyond your cultural traditions and biases. Eldon Brock, founder and president of Ethnic to Ethnic Ministries, Inc., has provided the following resource list as a reference for churches in developing their ethnic ministries. When viewing the websites listed below, choose what fits your need and convictions. This list does not imply endorsement of the doctrines or associations of an organization. However, even though doctrinal and denominational differences exist, you can glean workable methods of ministry. People Groups is a website of NABM–SBC, providing information on people groups in U.S.A. and resources. To find the nationalities in your area, go to U.S.A. and Canada map and click on the state name, the county, and city or zip. A list of nations with the number living there will appear. You will need to register to check all pages. Suggestion: use the list of nations in your area as a prayer list to allow God change the hearts of your people as well as those who have moved to your area. (Site opened January 25.) Art Lucero, publisher of Unity in Christ Magazine, is a veteran evangelical California consultant in multiethnic and multicultural issues. He selects and posts current articles from leading thinkers in the field. Healthy Diversity, Art Lucero’s blog, provides help for developing unity among diverse groups, especially pointed to helping churches accept and assimilate Hispanic people. Art is speaker and coach. The ReNew Partnerships and’s stated purpose: to provide Bible-based resources and training to help Christian leaders to understand, build, and sustain biblical, multiethnic community. They further state, “Our on-site training forums and innovative training resources provide leaders with the tools they need to work through the many challenges of sharing life and ministry with Christians of other ethnicities.” Mosaix is a relational network of pastors and church planters, researchers, educators, and ministry leaders that exists to catalyze the growing movement toward multiethnic/economically diverse churches throughout North America and beyond. Joshua Project: Scroll down the list of continents and then click on N. America to find people groups living on the continent who have migrated from the area of unreached parts of the world. Find “country” then “United States” on the drop-down menu to views a list of 363 people groups in our country with 71 from the unreached in the world. World clock gives stats of population and growth by the minute, giving the impression of how many people are in the world. Presents information on the many religions. ConneXion’s stated purpose: to help churches as they respond to the growing diversification of American society. The website identifies itself as a team of experienced cross-cultural missionaries who seek to come alongside churches to equip them for effective intercultural ministry. This is the blog of David Whitcher, Baptist Church Planters Spanish ministries director, and it offers many good methods and resources. “El Ministerio” (simply meaning “the ministry”) aims to help you do the work of the ministry amongst Hispanics within the United States. Ethnic Harvest aims to reach immigrants in the U.S. This evangelical website is well worth looking into for practitioners. It is good at linking to things normally difficult to find. Includes links to several census reports and profiles projections and maps. Resource for multiethnic worship, including printed materials and videos in several languages. Some PowerPoint presentations have more than one language on one slide for multilanguage congregations. International Bible Society, Colorado Spring, Colo., provides foreign language Bibles, portions, and tracts.