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e-INFOImproving Your Ministry SkillsMarch 2011

Improving Ministry Skills

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Be in the Know with Baptist Bulletin
The March/April issue of the Baptist Bulletin will soon arrive at your doorstep. Look what’s coming:

  • A profile on Padma Kumar, a woman who uses RBP materials to lead Vacation Bible Schools for 10,000 children in India.
  • An in-depth look at U.S. immigration and what churches can do in response.
  • How camps in the National Association of Regular Baptist Camps are using creative learning experiences to teach Bible truths.
  • Why St. Patrick should be remembered as a church planter. (You’ll have to read the article!)

Your church family can subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin at low rates! For more information, contact Lynne Goemaat, 1.888.588.1600, ext. 833.

RBP Impact Teaching Seminars—March 19 & 26

Improve your teaching staff’s effectiveness in presenting God’s Word in the classroom or in Bible studies! Through the Impact Teaching Seminar, teachers will learn how to teach from the example of Christ, our Master Teacher, as shown in the New Testament. Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press, will present the seminar in two locations this month. Check the Impact Teaching website for details!

Alex Bauman is available to conduct Impact Teaching Conferences in churches that are seeking to improve their teaching ministries. He is also available to answer questions about church education ministry or Regular Baptist Press ministry tools. Contact Alex at

Children’s Ministry Seminar—March 19

Regular Baptist Press equips teachers! Send your teachers and children’s workers to the Seeds of Faith Children’s Ministry Seminar, where they can learn:

  • appropriate teaching techniques for different age groups,
  • ways to engage children with the Word of God on a level they can understand, and
  • how to develop resources to make lessons come alive.

Your teachers will benefit greatly by learning from instructor Andrea Chamberlain. Check out the Seeds of Faith Children’s Seminar website!

Expand Your Congregation’s Global Vision
Do you want your congregation to get an overview of what God is doing globally? Do they know that 22 associations of independent Baptist churches have partnered with us in India? Do they know that the commitment level of our international brothers makes our commitment pale in comparison? Invite
Chris Hindal to come to your church and stir your people towards Great Commission work. Contact Chris at