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RBP is seeking candidates for the following two positions:

Consider joining the RBP team as we seek to assist churches in their Great Commission work by providing church educational resources that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ.

Housing for Missionaries and Christian Workers
Shepherd’s Bethel Mission was founded in 1971 to provide housing for missionaries on furlough and deputation. Pete and Marge Weiss were inspired by the Biblical account in 2 Kings 4:8–11 of the Shunammite woman who provided housing for Elisha as he traveled. For the last 44 years, Shepherd’s Bethel Mission has had the privilege of serving over 1,000 missionary families with fully furnished, rent-free homes. Families may stay up to three years while on deputation or one year on furlough. The cost per unit varies with the size of the home, based upon the utility cost per unit.

In addition, full-time Christian workers (such as pastors, evangelists, and Christian educators) can apply for a vacation week, depending on home availability. For more information, contact Mike Weiss: shepbeth@shepherdsbethel.org, 812.936.9648.