Arrow Island–RBP’s Exciting New VBS!
Are you looking for a gospel-centered VBS program that weaves the salvation message into each lesson? Look no further than RBP VBS! Our Vacation Bible School programs are built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach Bible truths using age-appropriate methods. Check out Regular Baptist Press’s full, ready-to-use, exciting VBS, Arrow Island.

RB books logo BCArticulating Regular Baptist Values
A promise made is a promise kept! Five years ago, we promised that we would work toward providing you with books that articulate Regular Baptist beliefs and values. We promised to both discuss academic subjects and provide practical insight for church leaders. We’re keeping our promise, but there’s still much work to be done. Here’s how you can help:

  • Pray.
  • Help underwrite our current need of $65,000 to support proposed Regular Baptist Books topics such as Northern Baptist history, dispensational understanding of the sign gifts, suffering, and church history.
  • Write. Are you a Regular Baptist who’s able to clearly articulate a GARBC core value? We may have a book waiting for your name to be on it!

Please join us in fulfilling our promise! Let us know by e-mail; mail: 1300 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, Ill.; or phone: 888.588.1600.

Pastoral Retreats
Looking for a place to get away from it all? You might wish to check out the following retreat settings.
Broom Tree Ministries (262.646.7774)
Canaan Land (863.318.9245; 828.966.4513, summer)
Chilhowee Mountain Retreat (865.983.8511)
Fairhaven Ministries (423.772.4269)
Rivendel Retreat (guest apartment flyer, 716.203.7187)
Selah Ranch (262.646.7772)
Twin Lakes Camp Pastoral Sabbatical (765.798.4000)