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Bible “Baseball” CardsGrowTime
Do you remember when you were young and many boys collected baseball cards of their favorite ball players? Regular Baptist Press has a version of that! As part of the new “It’s Grow Time” Jr. Church program for grades 1–6, kids can learn the vital stats of Bible heroes. Designed by RBP graphic artist Doug Jennings, these cards will help your students know true heroes—those of the Bible! Check out the full offerings of “It’s Grow Time.” Year 1 kit is available now!

Ministry to Wounded Warriors
Wayne Keast, a retired chaplain with Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries, is now ministering to wounded warriors.

In his 33 years of service, Wayne was trained in the Army’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder prevention programs. He knows what those programs can and can’t do. His Bible training as a chaplain taught him how the Lord Jesus Christ can make the difference to every service member with PTSD. The drugs and psychology provided by the military have not worked out as planned, he says, noting that the 349 suicides last year is a record high. The Army wants answers, but the politically correct environment will not allow the truth of Jesus Christ to be told. Wayne wants to bring the truth to the troops.

Contact Wayne at 719.271.0032,, to inquire about him speaking at your church service, meeting, retreat, prayer breakfast, or camp. Wayne retired from the Army as a major and is on deputation with Armed Forces Baptist Missions of Chesapeake, Va., to take the gospel to the members of our military, especially to our wounded warriors.

Ministry to Marriages and Familiesmichaelpeck
Dr. Michael Peck, trusted pastor, counselor, and author, now has his own website. Check out “The Gathering Place Where Family Matters” at He would be happy to come alongside and assist your ministry.