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April 2013Being God's Givere-INFO

Being God’s Giver

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Fire Victims in Myanmar
Timothy Sui Lian Mang, president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship, Yangon, Myanmar, sends the following letter regarding a fire that occurred in two Christian family homes:

May I share with you how our brethren were facing a very bad disaster here in Matupi town, Chin State, Myanmar. On March 2, two houses burned up completely by fire. The two families are faithful Christians. They are born again through the ministry of our missionary Ngun Nei Thang, and both families were founding members of Matupi Bible Church. At 8:30 p.m, those two houses burned up. The house father died in the fire; only his few bones were found. Those two families have no food, no clothing, no shelter. They weep every day. Here in Yangon City, we believers collected some funds, clothing, and food to send to them. Brethren, may I invite you to help those two needy families.

Impact Your Community as a ChaplainChaplaincy-Logo
In a society where people are increasingly suspect of religious personnel and are reluctant to enter a church, chaplaincy ministries offer unique opportunities to share Christ with people when they are most aware of their spiritual needs.

Chaplaincy intersects lives with the truth at points of greatest need. It is an extension of the local church, reaching into health care facilities, corporations, prisons, public safety agencies, and athletic teams. Very few other ministries provide pastors such a natural and challenging exposure to people in their communities who need to hear the gospel.

For more information about becoming a community chaplain, see Regular Baptist Chaplaincy and contact Director John Murdoch.