Greet Chaplains at GARBC Conference
Regular Baptist military, institutional, and community chaplains are looking forward to reporting about their ministries at the 2011 GARBC Conference, June 27–July1, in Denver, Colo. Stop by the chaplaincy booth at the conference to greet the chaplains, learn about their ministries, and express your gratitude for their service.

Teens Needed to Provide for AIDS Patients
The South East Iowa Pastors’ Fellowship invites you and your church’s young people to be involved in a missions project that will take place at a May 14 rally at Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa. The project is intended to help teens take ownership in something that focuses on the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Kyle and Heather Farran, ABWE missionaries who lead a hospice house in South Africa, are in need of food that will be life-sustaining for adults who have AIDS. Medicine is readily available that can prolong the life of a parent for three or four years, but it must be taken with the proper food to be effective. This ministry gives the Farrans opportunity to share the gospel with these parents and for the parents to have more time to raise their children.

FarransThe Farrens need approximately 9,000 meals. The freeze-dried food for the AIDS victims will be brought to the Adventureland rally. Youth groups and churches are challenged to help pay for and package the food, then it will be shipped to the Farrens. For $50, 200 meals can be purchased. Even if your church is not sending youth to Adventureland, you could still help with the cost of the food and transportation.

For more information, contact Pastor Dean Graber (319.850.0024), Pastor Roger Hemmings (641.799.7553), or Pastor Gordon Hawins (641.226.2267). Let them know by April 30 if you can commit $50 (or whatever you can) and the number of teens who are willing to help for a half hour during the day.