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Being God's Givere-INFOFebruary 2017

Being God’s Giver

By February 3, 2017No Comments

A chaplain’s call can lead to unexpected places. Read about Chaplain (CPT) Mark Worrell’s involvement with the presidential inauguration. Without your giving, Regular Baptist Chaplaincy would be unable to send chaplains to answer the call to ministry.

The Regular Baptist Resource Center staff works hard to provide resources and help for a multitude of requests from Regular Baptist churches. Our ministries depend on the support of churches and individuals. Since the beginning of the year, we have heard from several churches that have dropped their financial support due to a lack of finances. Agencies are often the first to be dropped from churches’ mission support. Praise the Lord, we did receive notice that one church is doubling its support of the association. Won’t you consider adding the GARBC to your support family? If you do lend support, perhaps you can increase your level of giving. It would be a great encouragement and help to our Resource Center staff! Donate online, by phone, or by check.

Dr. H. C. Stephen, representative of the New Testament Baptist Churches Association of Manipur, India, and chairman of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, gives the following ministry update:

“Our school year begins now. We are expecting to have 1,000 students this year. We need to build up our school playground before this summer. We also need to build a kitchen and dining hall for our residential students. Many desperate orphans are knocking on our door to come to our orphanages. We already have more than we can handle, yet we are compelled to take in more kids into our care.

“At the campground, we are ready to build a new dining hall, a kitchen, a prayer hall, and a cabin. The Lord has provided the funds for these projects. The demonetization policy by the government limits us and allows us to draw a small amount of funds from the bank. We can draw only $400 per week.”

Please pray for the children’s ministries of this school and campground and for the pastors and ministry leaders who will be traveling to India to start a master’s ministry program in the Bible college and to train church leaders.