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Being God's GiverDecember 2016e-INFO

Being God’s Giver

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The Regular Baptist Church Planting movement is launching! God movements start when His people unite with His heart to reach the world for His glory. This happens best when we pray.

  • Praise for the great opportunities for Clare Jewell, national church planting coordinator for Regular Baptist Churches, to share the vision of Regular Baptist Church Planting in churches and regional fellowships.
  • Pray that 200 churches and 1,000 individuals will engage in the From Our Knees prayer initiative.
  • Pray that 50 churches will participate in our 30/30 offering, where members give $1 a day for 30 days between now and Easter. Pray that we will raise $50,000.
  • Pray for a Hispanic church plant forming in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
  • Pray for a Hispanic church plant forming in Salem, Oregon.
  • Pray for Willow Creek Baptist Church, West Des Moines, Iowa, as it develops plans for planting a church in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Pray that at least two more church plants from Regular Baptist churches will begin in 2017.

Thank you for praying! If you have not signed up to be part of this prayer movement, we invite you to join the team at From Our Knees.

Over the last few years, Regular Baptist International has provided motorbikes to nine national pastors. In the places where they serve, motorbikes are the preferred and most economical form of transportation. In America, we cannot imagine walking miles to minister as these pastors do. Now two more national pastors need help. A motorbike costs about $1,350. Your church or a Sunday School class could impact ministry in Africa. Prayerfully consider helping a faithful servant of the Lord.

Donate online, by phone, or by mail to help these two pastors purchase motorbikes. For online or check donations, note “African Projects Acct. #6070.”

Builders-Club-Logo-Icon_RGBWhat Can You Do to Assist Regular Baptist Builders Club?
Did you know that Regular Baptist Builders Club is a United States–based, missions-minded ministry? Regular Baptist Builders Club depends solely on donations and prayers of its members and Regular Baptist churches. It helps churches in four ways: Start Up—help with church planting; Build Up—help with church building projects; Help Up—assistance for a church that has experienced a fire, flood, tornado, or the like; and Disaster Relief—help to a church after its community has experienced a catastrophe.

What can you do to be part of the Regular Baptist Builders Club ministry?

  1. Sign up to be a member and receive quarterly newsletters and up to five annual requests for prayer or support.
  2. Volunteer to be part of a Disaster Relief team.
  3. Add Regular Baptist Builders Club to your church’s missionary budget.
  4. Make a onetime donation to the Start Up, Build Up, or Help Up fund.

For more information, visit or contact