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Uncompromising: A Heart Claimed by a Radical Love

By January 19, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments

Hannah Farver
Moody Publishers, 269 pages, Paper, $12.99

Well written by a young woman, for young women (college age and younger), this book shows an unusual depth of wisdom; the publisher’s website says it is written in an “edgy teen voice” that should appeal to the target audience.

The author begins by pointing out that believing young women today can latch onto a number of causes, but they should “make Him their main Cause” (although she doesn’t precisely define “Cause”). Then she realistically and candidly considers contemporary views on a variety of topics and urges the reader to adopt a Biblical view of each. These include beauty, modesty, feminism, guys/romance, flirting, friendship, loving others, tolerance/confrontation, and intimacy with Christ. Strengths include preeminence of Christ, recommendation of expositional Bible study and theology, respect for mature Christians, definition of legalism, true-life illustrations, and study questions for group or individual use. Consider these examples: “We can start thinking that life is all about finding the ‘one,’ rather than loving the One who gave us the ability to love in the first place.” “The challenge is not to change the world. The challenge is to act in obedience to the Savior, spreading the amazing truth He has entrusted to us, each and every day of our lives.”

Young or undiscerning readers may infer that anyone quoted in Uncompromising has a Biblical worldview and should be considered acceptable. While quotations of other writers are used appropriately here, encouraging young women to read those works is not recommended.

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