Genuine Thanksgiving

By Bernie Augsburger Have you ever wondered how the Pilgrims could have a thanksgiving celebration after going through the most difficult year of their lives? The trip across the Atlantic, the wintery weather, and mortal disease caused more than half of the group to die. We should be thankful that our country was first colonized by ...more

Living with Dignity

Thoughts on dignity, suicide, and the sanctity of life in the wake of Brittany Maynard's ...more

I Don't Understand

Organizations often choose names that advertise their purpose or emphasis. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates aviation. The American Automobile Association helps drivers of automobiles. Alcoholics Anonymous is devoted to alcoholics—and anonymity. Names correlate with ...more

Robin Williams: Sorrow Behind the Laughter

Biblical perspectives on suicide, stardom, and substance abuse in the wake of Robin Williams' tragic ...more

Racism: How Far Have We Come?

One of the best things I’ve seen over the past several years in the world of sports took place on Sunday in Oakland. In silent protest to the remarks of Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, the team walked onto the court, gathered at its center, and removed their team warm-ups to reveal inside-out undershirts. ...more