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Book Review: Commentaries for Biblical Expositors

By October 1, 2009July 16th, 2014No Comments

JAMES E. ROSSCUP, Kress Christian Publications, 352 Pages, Paper, $19.99

People aspiring to study the Scriptures soon discover that a vast assortment of Bible commentaries exists. Which ones are most reliable? Which ones are less so? Jim Rosscup has provided a wonderful resource in this volume by his evaluating many works on each book of the Bible, placing them in numerical order of usefulness in three main categories:  “detailed exegetical,” “expositional survey,” and “devotional flavor.” Rosscup is a longtime Biblical scholar and professor who loves the Lord and loves sound Biblical exposition. This reviewer had Dr. Rosscup in seminary, and can attest to his careful handling of the Scriptures. The book has been around for some time but has been updated several times. Books that are no longer in print can be found quite readily in this day of e-bay, amazon, interlibrary loan, and the like. Church libraries should have this book available for Sunday School teachers and other Bible students in the local church. Pastors would find the book extremely valuable in their study library too.

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