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Business for the Common Good

By July 21, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Kenman L. Wong and Scott B. Rae
IVP, 288 Pages, Paper, $24.00

A statement on the back cover challenges the reader, “Is business just a way to make money—lots of it? Or can the marketplace be a venue for service to others?” The book tackles this issue, plus many others that come with business, whether it be fierce competition, investor pressures, management of people, or growing in Christlikeness in spite of all else. Chapter 1, “Your Work Is an Altar,” lays the groundwork for making business conform to the glory of God. While work “has been deeply affected by the reality of sin,” say the authors, “work has great value because it reflects who God is and who human beings are as made in God’s image.” To the believer, business should be seen as a calling, a ministry.

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