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Baptist Confessions of Faith

By May 20, 2013November 10th, 2014No Comments

William L. Lumpkin; Bill J. Leonard, ed.
Judson Press, 548 Pages, Hardcover, $36.99

Here is a comprehensive resource on the various Baptist confessions of faith, beginning with the Anabaptist confessions and continuing on to 21st century creeds.

The GARBC is cited under the New Hampshire Confession of 1833: “In 1933 a group of about fifty churches of the North, protesting against the theological liberalism and denominational polices, withdrew to organize the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. This Association adopted the New Hampshire Confession, with a premillennial interpretation of its last article.”

Other material of interest to fundamentalists includes the confession of the Fundamental Fellowship of 1921 and of the Baptist Bible Union of 1923.

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