• Why I Won’t Tell Churches How to Reopen

    Why I Won’t Tell Churches How to Reopen

    “Can we gather yet as a church again?” A national representative of a fellowship of churches does not have the definite answer for each local church. But thankfully, the principles of God’s sufficient Word ...more




  • Thin Green Line

    Thin Green Line

    When you hear the word "God," money is probably not your first thought. However, if we’re not careful, money can quickly take the place of ...more



  • Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    General Session- Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Michael Wilburn, Immanuel Baptist Church, Richmond, ...more

Book Reviews

  • What God Hath Wrought

    What God Hath Wrought

    DVD Vision Video, 105 Minutes, $16.99 Like it or not, Regular Baptists must recognize that Chuck Smith has had a profound effect on evangelical and fundamental Christianity ...more