• Biblical Principles for Social Media

    Biblical Principles for Social Media

    The question isn’t so much whether or not to utilize social media, but what we are trying to say and why. Our communication is to be seasoned as with salt—that implies that we are putting in some thought ...more

  • Why I Won’t Tell Churches How to Reopen

    Why I Won’t Tell Churches How to Reopen

    “Can we gather yet as a church again?” A national representative of a fellowship of churches does not have the definite answer for each local church. But thankfully, the principles of God’s sufficient Word ...more



  • A Sword Will Pierce Your Soul

    A Sword Will Pierce Your Soul

    The real meaning of Christmas is a message of hope flooding a darkened world with marvelous light, healing old wounds, reviving broken dreams, and setting ...more

  • The Channel of Peace

    The Channel of Peace

    Sometimes the water we are trying to navigate gets a little shallow, doesn’t it? This is the precise time we need to sail into God’s ...more


  • Renewal and Prophetic Distance

    Renewal and Prophetic Distance

    How should the church engage culture? It’s an important question because the culture is at war, and we’d better know where we stand when the ...more



  • United We Grow

    United We Grow

    General Session-United We Grow 9:00 a.m., Thursday, June 28, 2018 David Gunn, Regular Baptist Press, Arlington Heights, ...more

Book Reviews

  • Spurgeon’s Practical Wisdom

    Spurgeon’s Practical Wisdom

    C. H. Spurgeon Banner of Truth Trust, 316 Pages, Hardcover, $28.00 Many of us have been blessed by published sermons and commentaries from the “prince of preachers.” ...more

  • Dad & Mom’s Country Wisdom

    Dad & Mom’s Country Wisdom

    Jim Geyer Ambassador International, 192 Pages, Paper, $12.99 A pastor shares insights he received from two blessings in life—having godly parents and being raised on a farm. ...more