• Five Ways to Encourage Your Pastor During a Global Crisis

    Five Ways to Encourage Your Pastor During a Global Crisis

    Your pastor might have several degrees hanging on his wall from prestigious seminaries and educational institutions. But rest assured, he has never taken a class on how to pastor a church during a global crisis. No pastors that I know have taken classes or attended workshops on guiding a church through a pandemic, social distancing, mask wearing, checking temperatures at ...more

  • A Perfect Time for Your Church to Grow

    A Perfect Time for Your Church to Grow

    By Bob Cowman I tend to see opportunity at the strangest times and in the weirdest ways. If you read the news or follow the commentators, you might think that nothing good will ever happen again. It is hard for me to swallow this gloom and doom pill—especially when people just sit around and talk about how bad things are and ...more



  • Truly Free

    Truly Free

    What does it mean to be spiritually free? It speaks of a status that is not true of everyone in this ...more


  • A Mother’s Shield

    A Mother’s Shield

    Mothers are not generally regarded as warriors. However, the Bible describes some mothers who fought in a hand-to-hand combat for their children. ...more



  • True Worshipers

    True Worshipers

    General Session—True Worshipers Wednesday Morning, June 26, 2019 Mike Augsburger, Pastor of Soteria, Des Moines, ...more

Book Reviews

  • A Brighter Witness

    A Brighter Witness

    Dwight Gustafson Journey Forth, 72 Pages, Paper, $9.00 The author is a beloved former dean of the School of Fine Arts at Bob Jones University who for ...more

  • Baptist Confessions of Faith

    Baptist Confessions of Faith

    William L. Lumpkin; Bill J. Leonard, ed. Judson Press, 548 Pages, Hardcover, $36.99 Here is a comprehensive resource on the various Baptist confessions of faith, beginning with ...more