• Expressing Gratitude to God

    Expressing Gratitude to God

    Whether spontaneously uttered, purposefully remembered, or extensively prepared, our gratefulness to God for Who He is and what He has done for us should be ...more


  • Rethinking Revoice

    Rethinking Revoice

    Is it possible to "redeem queer culture" while remaining true to Biblical standards and terminology? The Revoice Conference thinks so, but it is a difficult ...more



  • The Harmony of Worship

    The Harmony of Worship

    General Session—The Harmony of Worship Thursday Morning, June 27, 2019 Mark Vroegop, Pastor of College Park Church, ...more

  • The Purpose of Worship

    The Purpose of Worship

    General Session—The Purpose of Worship Wednesday Evening, June 26, 2019 Mark Vroegop, Pastor of College Park Church, ...more

Book Reviews

  • Doing Right while Doing Good

    Kenneth Bickel and Kevin Vanderground BMH Books, $15.99 “When ministry leaders grievously fail, the ripple effects often extend well beyond what any one person can comprehend,” say ...more

  • Amazed by His Glory

    Amazed by His Glory

    Mary Amesbury, comp. Baptist Mid-Missions, 356 Pages, Paper, $10.00+shipping/ handling This compilation of “faith-building” testimonies of Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries will stir your soul. Particularly eye-catching are the ...more