• The Anatomy of a Failure

    The Anatomy of a Failure

    With the revelation of Ravi Zacharias’ secret lifestyle of sexual sins, Christians and even non-Christians publicly wonder what went ...more



  • A Mother’s Shield

    A Mother’s Shield

    Mothers are not generally regarded as warriors. However, the Bible describes some mothers who fought in a hand-to-hand combat for their children. ...more

  • Fans or Followers?

    Fans or Followers?

    The crowd who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem may have been fans of Jesus, but they certainly weren’t followers of ...more


  • My “Interracial” Engagement

    My “Interracial” Engagement

    By Rebekah Anderson In 280 days, I get to marry my best friend—the man I admire more than anyone else in the world. And some people are ...more



  • The Supremacy of Christ

    The Supremacy of Christ

    General Session—The Supremacy of Christ Monday Evening, June 29, 2020 Steve DeWitt, Pastor, Bethel Church, Crown Point, ...more

  • Stay in Your Lane

    Stay in Your Lane

    General Session—Stay in Your Lane Monday Afternoon, June 29, 2020 Mike Hess, National Representative, ...more

Book Reviews

  • Ministry of Presence

    Ministry of Presence

    Whit Woodard Faithful Life Publishers, 182 Pages, Paper: $14.99, Kindle: $2.99; Nook: $2.99 Woodard, a Regular Baptist chaplain, gives insight concerning the chaplaincy, emphasizing the concept and ...more

  • 40 Days through Revelation

    40 Days through Revelation

    Ron Rhodes Harvest House, 298 Pages, Paper: $13.99 Here’s a unique way to study the last book of the Bible. Each day contains a Scripture portion and ...more