• The High Price of Coarse Jesting

    The High Price of Coarse Jesting

    Let’s use another regrettable event in our world as an opportunity to marvel at what Jesus Christ made possible for us, and move in the direction of repentance, faith, and obedience so that our words—whether spoken in private or public—might honor ...more



  • A Mother’s Shield

    A Mother’s Shield

    Mothers are not generally regarded as warriors. However, the Bible describes some mothers who fought in a hand-to-hand combat for their children. ...more

  • Fans or Followers?

    Fans or Followers?

    The crowd who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem may have been fans of Jesus, but they certainly weren’t followers of ...more


  • My “Interracial” Engagement

    My “Interracial” Engagement

    By Rebekah Anderson In 280 days, I get to marry my best friend—the man I admire more than anyone else in the world. And some people are ...more



  • Abide in Christ

    Abide in Christ

    General Session—Abide in Christ Wednesday Morning, June 30, 2021 David King, Pastor, CrossPoint Fellowship Church, Jasper, ...more

  • Unleash the Spirit of Help

    Unleash the Spirit of Help

    General Session—Unleash the Spirit of Help Tuesday Evening, June 29, 2021 Knute Larson, Pastoral Coach and Pastor Emeritus, The Chapel, Akron, ...more

Book Reviews

  • Ministry of Presence

    Ministry of Presence

    Whit Woodard Faithful Life Publishers, 182 Pages, Paper: $14.99, Kindle: $2.99; Nook: $2.99 Woodard, a Regular Baptist chaplain, gives insight concerning the chaplaincy, emphasizing the concept and ...more

  • 40 Days through Revelation

    40 Days through Revelation

    Ron Rhodes Harvest House, 298 Pages, Paper: $13.99 Here’s a unique way to study the last book of the Bible. Each day contains a Scripture portion and ...more