• Crisis Catapults Courage

    Crisis Catapults Courage

    We’re all in over our heads right now. These are hard times. But the hard times are the best times to become who God made us to ...more

  • Forgiveness


    Just as biblical love is an action (not a feeling) so is biblical forgiveness. Stop looking at your emotions as a barometer and start looking unto ...more




  • Responding to Depression and Suicide

    Responding to Depression and Suicide

    Andrew Stoecklein looked like the poster boy for the next generation of pastor. Relevant, filled with potential, and enjoying an idyllic life, he was young, ...more

  • Back to School Prayer Guide

    Back to School Prayer Guide

    We begin a new school year with many concerns, apprehensions, and hopes. What better way to begin this school year than to begin in prayer? ...more



  • True Worshipers

    True Worshipers

    General Session—True Worshipers Wednesday Morning, June 26, 2019 Mike Augsburger, Pastor of Soteria, Des Moines, ...more

Book Reviews

  • The Burden Bearer

    Paul W. Chappell Striving Together, 160 Pages, Hardcover: $14.95, Kindle: $7.95 Written in allegory form, the book “will not eliminate your burdens but will show you how ...more