Welcome to the GARBC Speakers’ Bureau. This listing provides you names of spiritually effective and proven speakers for special events in your church or Christian organization.

Each speaker is a member of a GARBC church and has been recommended and endorsed by a GARBC leader on the state or national level.

Speaking Categories

Association StaffBible Conferences
Children’s MeetingsChristian Education
Couples’/Marriage RetreatsDeacon Training
Evangelistic MeetingsFamily Conferences
Ladies’ RetreatsMen’s Retreats
Mother/Daughter EventsPulpit Supply
Sportsmen’s DinnersYouth Events /Retreats

Guidelines for Inviting a Speaker

As you consider inviting a person to speak at your event, please keep in mind some important guidelines.

1. Before you contact someone, be prepared to cover all the person’s expenses (travel, lodging, meals). Don’t assume that some other church or organization is taking care of the person’s expenses. In addition, it is always appropriate to give the individual a generous honorarium.

2. In deciding whom to contact, consider the distance the person has to travel in relationship to the time he or she will speak and the number of people who might attend. Asking a person to drive eight hours to speak for 15 minutes may not be a good use of time and resources.

3. Give the individual all the details about your meeting.

  • Schedule
  • Financial policies
  • Purpose
  • Dress
  • Number expected

4. Promote the meeting and try to secure a good attendance.

5. Speakers need privacy and a time for rest and study. Therefore, we recommend you provide a hotel room for the speaker.

6. Be considerate of the speaker. He or she is glad to minister in your meeting, but remember that the individual is leaving his or her ministry and family to be with you.

7. Confirm all the details with the speaker just before the meeting. Don’t make the speaker contact you.

The individuals listed in this speakers’ bureau are busy in their own ministries. Please understand if the person you contact is not able to speak at your church or meeting.

Qualifications for Those Desiring to Be Added to the Bureau

Thank you for your inquiry about our GARBC Speakers’ Bureau. We are always delighted to know of individuals who have interest in being part of our listing.

We have four requirements for inclusion in our Speakers’ Bureau.

1. You must be a member of a GARBC church.

2. You must agree with the GARBC Articles of Faith.

3. Your ministry must fall into one of the categories on our Speakers’ Bureau.

4. You must provide letters of recommendation from your pastor (or another pastor who knows you) and from a state or national GARBC leader. That person could be the representative of your state association of churches or any other leader who knows of your ministry outside your local church.

Here are the steps to take to be considered for our Speakers’ Bureau.

1. Fill out the  Speakers’ Bureau questionnaire.

2. Send your questionnaire with a color photo to GARBC Speakers’ Bureau, 1300 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, IL 61073.

3. Contact your pastor and other state leader, and ask them to send us letters of recommendation.

When we receive your application and the letters of recommendation, we will take your name to the Council of Eighteen officers for their approval.

For further information about the GARBC Speakers’ Bureau, contact Daria Greening at 1-888-588-1600, ext. 852.