Guest-sensitive Ministry

Most churches are thrilled to see visitors attend services. Often we can reach these people with the gospel; other times we can minister to them as they grow spiritually. Sometimes they are committed believers who may later join us in ...more

8 Areas of Local Church Outreach

Every church should make evangelism a ministry priority. But getting organized and strategic is the challenge! Here's my recommendation: Start with at least one initiative in each of the eight areas outlined below, even if it's just one small effort ...more

Weddings: Using God's Word as the Foundation

A marriage between a Christian couple whose foundation is based on God's Word is a joyous thing. As a result, many Christians saturate their wedding ceremonies with Scripture. Even vows have come to include the Word of God. What a better opportunity ...more

Weddings: Whom Will Your Church Marry?

Another question: Would you allow a camo wedding?   The summer wedding season is almost upon us, so this week on The Quest we are going to focus on questions and issues related to wedding ceremonies. I'm starting this off by ...more

Where Do You Get Your Graphics?

It's possible that you belong to a church that has a media minister of some kind who designs the graphics and images for church ministry use---PowerPoint presentations, promotional materials, etc. Some of you might even have your own sweet skills ...more

Scripture for Funerals

  Last weekend I had the privilege of officiating the funeral of a church member. (No, the picture to the right is not of me nor of the funeral at which I officiated.) As an assistant pastor, this isn't something I ...more

7 Practical Suggestions For Encouraging Congregational Unity

If I have learned anything about working with people in local churches, I’ve learned this: congregational unity is a fragile thing! One minute everything is going great and people are happy and unified; then suddenly an “issue” comes up, criticism ...more

Great Song: "Because of Your Love"

Cody Crigger, music and administration pastor at Willow Creek Baptist Church, West Des Moines, Iowa, has found and used a wonderful new song. The following is his description of the song, the song lyrics, and links to the song on the ...more

14 Questions to Assess Your Church's Health

We all desire growing, healthy churches. But we know that such churches don’t automatically become that way. Healthy ministries result from the strategic efforts of godly church leaders to move their churches forward. But where do we begin? With honest ...more

Creative Congregational Christmas Caroling

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year! I believe this to be true in large part due to the music of the season. There is nothing better than hearing the songs of the season in malls, restaurants, radio stations, and ...more

Church Management Software Chosen!

A while back, I posted an entry concerning church management software. At that point, our church was trying to decide between three different options. My associate was doing the legwork of research, and he gave a brief synopsis of each program. After ...more

A Man and His Country

A Man and His Country. This men's Bible study will help develop a patriotic grid that enables you to differentiate good practices from those that might diminish your testimony for ...more

Which Blogs Do You Follow?

Like many of you, I subscribe to various and sundry blogs in order to keep up on what's out there in theology, church ministry, and Christianity at large. Which blogs do you follow? Mine are listed below. Let me first make ...more

10 Benefits of Not Planning

Here’s a thought. With all the talk these days of strategic planning and organizational church ministry, what would happen if we did church work without any planning? Here’s what might happen . . . 1. Fewer hours Planning takes a ton of ...more

Has Christian Publishing Abandoned the Gospel?

A special report at asks, “Is Your VBS Taking a Vacation from the Gospel?” The article investigates evangelical publishers who now have licensing agreements with Catholic publishers. The four publishers—Gospel Light, Group, Standard, and Augsburg Fortress—sell ...more

The Baptist Bulletin

The Baptist Bulletin is the official publication of the General Association of Regular Baptist ...more

The Baptist Bulletin

The Baptist Bulletin is the official publication of the General Association of Regular Baptist ...more

Build UP Seminars

Build UP Seminars help you and your church move people toward spiritual ...more

Build UP Seminars

Build UP Seminars help you and your church move people toward spiritual ...more

Conflict Under Control

Conflict Under Control - This seven-lesson course based on Philippians can be used as an individual or group bible study as you seek to get Conflict Under ...more