Working with Your Church Constitution

4 Suggestions I’ve never heard of a church that didn’t have a constitution, but I have heard of church leaders who wish they didn’t have one! Outdated wording, obscure explanations, and seemingly irrelevant guidelines often characterize the constitutional documents that leaders ...more

Honey, I Shrunk the Membership!

In the first year of one of my pastorates, I removed about 200 people from the membership! It’s true—but let me explain. Although the church constitution included a clear statement about inactive membership and a careful process of removal, somehow ...more

Personalized Weekly Mentoring

You are invited to be part of a mentoring group. Join with your peers and continue to learn! A good leader constantly desires to improve in all he does. Instead of seeing himself as arriving at a state of proficiency, he ...more

Don't Waste Your Curriculum Resources

Take an honest look at the Sunday School classes at your church. Are teachers utilizing their curriculum to the greatest potential, making their jobs easier and increasing their effectiveness? I have the distinct privilege of working at a place that ...more

A Fourfold Foundation for Effective Preaching and Teaching

Good communication is a central part of a pastor’s role as a preacher and Bible teacher. It’s also an important skill in the ministry of deacons and other leaders, who may teach Sunday School, small groups, or training classes. In ...more

A Worship Resource for Christmas (and the Rest of the Year)

Our church plant is using two songs this Christmas season from RESOUNDworship. RESOUNDworship is a group of songwriters based in the U.K. who are "seeking to resource the church with heartfelt, crafted, accessible worship songs." Their website provides free access ...more

Worship Book Recommendations

Here are some book recommendations to help you, and perhaps your church, think through congregational worship and the accompanying issues. Gordon MacDonald’s Who Stole My Church? Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007 Recommended by Ken Pyne My church's music committee studied this book. Though written as ...more

Worship-Centered versus God-Centered

David McGrew (associate professor, Baptist Bible College) has written a thought-provoking article on worship leaders being most concerned with being God-centered in our ...more

6 Reasons Visitors Come Back

We have plenty of guests in our services,” a church-planting pastor recently told me. “But they don’t seem to want to come back.” I’ve heard similar comments more than once in recent months as I have ministered in our churches. It ...more

Community Evangelism

On Sept. 24, we posted a terrific article by Ken Davis (Baptist Bible College) on servant evangelism. In this article, he laid out theological and practical reasons that our churches should participate in servant evangelism. In addition, he gave helpful ...more

Pastoral Mentoring Group

This week we are looking at the topic of the pastor's spiritual life. The pastor is the spiritual leader for the church, but where does he turn? Every pastor at some point in ministry needs encouragement, someone with whom to talk ...more

When a Monster Comes to Church

In almost every area of our society, sex offenders and pedophiles are considered monsters. But are these people beyond hope? What should we do when one begins attending our church? ...more

A Tool for Hispanic Ministry

Oramos Cantando/We Pray in Song is a bilingual Spanish/English hymnal produced by GIA Publications, Inc. You may find it beneficial in a cross-cultural ...more

Reaching Your Jerusalem

The following is a quick encouragement and challenge from Chuck DeCleene, missions professor at Faith Baptist Bible College, Ankeny, Iowa, and evangelism pastor at Saylorville Baptist Church, Des Moines, Iowa. We're doing something similar at Campus Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa, as well. As I ...more

Church Leaders and the Nursery

Wait! Don’t skip this page or merely pass it on to your nursery coordinator. Here’s why: While excellent child care has always been an important part of the ministry of growing churches, studies show that today more than ever, young families ...more

Reaching Families

This week our theme is "Reaching Families." We'd like to share ideas for reaching not just children but entire families with the gospel and seeing them come to know Christ and join the church. One outreach ministry that targets families is ...more

More Fun with Sermon Templates

This week we are featuring a series of articles by Pastor Jamie Hart on using technology in ministry. By Jamie Hart In a previous post, I showed you how to create a sermon template by modifying the heading styles in a Word ...more

Ministry in the Cloud

This week we are featuring a series of articles by Pastor Jamie Hart on using technology in ministry.  By Jamie Hart  I'm a Microsoft guy for many reasons---not the least of which is the fact that, as a software instructor (I'm bi-vocational), ...more

Outlining in Microsoft Word

This week we are featuring a series of articles by Pastor Jamie Hart on using technology in ministry. By Jamie Hart If you use Microsoft Word, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with the application. And if there is any part ...more

Why the GARBC Needs Old People, Part 2

I'm pretty impatient. I'd rather get something done today than have it drag out for months. It probably comes with the territory of being young. As we consider why we need older people in our lives and we delve deeper into ...more