• Improving Your Ministry Skills

    Improving Your Ministry Skills

    DAY BY DAY AT GARBC CONFERENCE Not able to attend the 2017 GARBC Conference? We’ve brought the conference to you! If you did attend the conference, you may find yourself in the photo galleries! Read news and view photos from each day of the conference. Audio of conference messages is also available. Monday See You at the Conference! GARBC Conferees Ready for a Beautiful ...more

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    THE PLEASURES OF MARRIAGE: AN EXPOSITION OF THE SONG OF SOLOMON Love, romance, sex, expectations, attitudes, arguments: God is not silent on these topics, especially as they relate to marriage. Learn more about God's revelation about marriage and romance in The Pleasures of Marriage, by Steven Kreloff, published by Regular Baptist Press.   COMING SOON: 2017–2018 GARBC CHURCH DIRECTORY Looking for a church in ...more

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  • Guest-sensitive Ministry

    Most churches are thrilled to see visitors attend services. Often we can reach these people with the gospel; other times we can minister to them ...more

  • 8 Areas of Local Church Outreach

    Every church should make evangelism a ministry priority. But getting organized and strategic is the challenge! Here's my recommendation: Start with at least one initiative ...more


  • Community Education and Cable Broadcasting Outreaches

    As a pastor, I have the responsibility of training and equipping our people with fresh ideas and utilizing technology that God has given to us. Our church isn’t unique – a rural church of about hundred on a Sunday morning who worships God and preaches the gospel to a very religious culture surrounding us. In an effort to serve the Lord, we continue to look for good outreach tools.

    Community Education Classes
    Community Baptist Church in Ankeny, Iowa, gave us the idea of using community education classes. Recently, we finished a ten-week series of classes in community education using the material, The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, by John R. Cross, GoodSeed International. What a delight to bring the first religious class to community education! A group of nine attended faithfully and were impacted greatly--requesting that more of this kind of material be offered in community education.

    Cable Broadcasting
    We have used our local community cable TV station to get out the Word of God. If your community is like ours, a large group of people exists who would never come to an independent Baptist church. However, they are curious about the church's people and teaching. Consequently, we tape our Sunday morning message, edit it by adding an introduction and a conclusion to our program,  and invite people to respond to what they have heard. We are in nine communities and have between three and four hours per week to air our program for a cost of $50.00 a month. Of course, there is an investment in cameras, video mixers, and computers. However, it has turned out to be our most effective outreach tool.    Check out our program on the web .

    These are just a few of the tools we are working on to equip and train God’s people.    What has been effective in your ministry? Our local, state, and national conferences are a great place to be fed the Word of God and to recharge those ministry batteries. We love to hear how God is using other ministries. Make sure to pack some of your ministry tools and ideas in your bag for the next conference you attend.

    Ron Hemsworth Jr., Pastor
    Faith Baptist Church
    Sauk Centre, MN

  • Synergy! Illustrated

    "Together We Can Accomplish More" is the  mantra of the GARBC. John Wooden, pastor of First Baptist in New Berlin, WI, shares the story of a horse-pull in Canada. One horse pulled 9,000 pounds, another 8,000. Together you would expect them to pull 18,000 pounds. Not so! When teamed together, they pulled 30,000 pounds.

    The simultaneous action of separate agents working together has a greater total effect than the sum of their individual efforts. Because of synergism, more can be done in a team effort than can be accomplished solo.

    In the local church and in the GARBC, everything we do takes teamwork and trust. Every person  is valuable and needed. The church and the association are teams. Together we can build for the Lord!