• June 2018 E-Info: A Terrific Lineup!

    June 2018 E-Info: A Terrific Lineup!

    Hello, friends, I just reviewed the 2018 GARBC Conference program before it goes to the printer. The conference lineup is terrific. The speakers are top-notch expositors of the Word. The modules will be practical and helpful for advancing local churches. The exhibitors will offer valuable resources to benefit churches. And the presentations of special ministries will impress you with the work ...more

  • Being God's Giver

    Being God's Giver

    PRAY FOR 2018 GARBC CONFERENCE, JUNE 26–29 The 2018 GARBC Conference is quickly approaching! Please join us in praying for the following: The Regular Baptist Ministries team and Hamilton Hills Church staff as they facilitate the conference The speakers and module presenters as they prepare their messages and instruction Mike and Christina Hess, GARBC national representative candidate and his wife, as ...more

  • June 2018: Association Updates

    June 2018: Association Updates

    2018 GARBC CONFERENCE: A VALUABLE TIME FOR EVERYONE! In addition to enjoying messages by Mike Hess, Thomas White, Steve Pettit, Michael Wilburn, Duke Crawford, David Gunn, and John Greening, attendees of the 2018 GARBC Conference will vote regarding the confirmation of Mike Hess as GARBC national representative. If you haven’t made plans to attend the 2018 GARBC Conference, reserve the dates ...more

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