Help preserve the legacy and wisdom of powerful preachers and scholars from the past!

The GARBC Resource Center contains archival materials from men who have provided rich history and vast knowledge and wisdom for our association. Their testimonies and teachings enrich our lives today and provide guidance for the future. Due to the limited access of these materials by virtue of the miles between the Resource Center and pastors and churches, we would like to make our archives available on the Internet.

The GARBC is working hard to make the reel-to-reel audio of these historical sermons and speaking sessions by association leaders available to all by converting them into digital recordings. If these audio files of soul-stirring recordings are made available online, visitors could access the dynamic exposition of God’s Word and glean from our associations’ history.

“The church today has amnesia,” says Warren Wiersbe. “They have no memory of the great preaching of the past. I feel sorry for the people who have never heard Bob Ketcham speak.”

Will you help us make this important project a reality? Total cost of the project is $15,000.

Donate today and help preserve our history and strengthen our future!