What Is the GARBC?

Each word in our Association’s title, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, reflects its organizational principles.

General—indicates the Association’s geographical scope. The GARBC is a national and international network.

Association—identifies the nature of the organization. The Association is not a convention, a monolithic body, or a denomination, but a network of independent churches of common convictions that voluntarily partner for fellowship, witness, and ministry.

Regular—emphasizes the Association’s basic doctrinal position. Other organizations may adopt the irregular stance of theological liberalism. The Association stands for the true, Scriptural fundamentals of the faith.

Baptist—speaks of the Scriptural heritage of the Association. Baptists are distinguished by their convictions regarding Biblical authority, saved church membership, public immersion, priesthood of the believer, congregational governance, offices of pastor and deacon, autonomy of each church, individual soul liberty, and separation of church and state.

Churches—Churches are the focal point of the organization. Only churches may apply for fellowship in the GARBC.

Our Mission

The GARBC separates from theological liberalism and compromising accommodation. It embraces a fourfold mission.

1. Champion Biblical Truth

The Word of God is inherently powerful to save and equip those who respond in faith to its message (2 Timothy 3:15–17). We are committed to communicating the whole counsel of God in its timeless relevance.

2. Impact the World for Christ

The only message that will change the eternal destiny of the lost is the gospel. We are determined to obey the Great Commission instruction of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18–20).

3. Perpetuate a Baptist Heritage

Biblical doctrine provides theological parameters that give direction and identity to individuals and churches. We will faithfully promote our Scriptural legacy.

4. Advance the Association Churches

The church is God’s operative institution for achieving the purpose of evangelism and edification. We seek to strengthen existing churches and to plant new ministries.