Thanksgiving, Ingratitude, and Idolatry

Four Consequences of Bad Bible Interpretation

A VBS That Keeps Working

Ken Floyd Speaks at Missions Conference

Encouragement and Insight at Ministry Enrichment Conference

A VBS That Keeps Working: Family Discipleship

Ministry Highlights

  • 2020 Conference Recap

    2020 Conference Recap

    Not able to attend the 2020 GARBC Conference? Read news and view photos from each day of the conference. Audio of conference messages is also ...more

Latest Blogs/Commentary

  • Why Originalism? Part 2

    Why Originalism? Part 2

    An examination of the originalist interpretation of Scripture and non-originalist hermeneutical approaches that are in vogue ...more

Educational Resources

  • Engaging Strong Kids via Digital Sunday School

    Engaging Strong Kids via Digital Sunday School

    "It’s very important during this time for Christians to continue raising up our children and grandchildren in the faith. . . . The church can’t afford to take a ‘time out’ from influencing our kids’ development during this time. If we do, someone or something else will fill that vacuum. In some ways, the need to instill a Biblical worldview ...more